Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd. Holds Annual General Meeting In Guernsey And Releases Regular Weekly Net Asset Value as of April 26 2016


Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd. (ticker: PSH:NA) today held its Annual General Meeting of shareholders (AGM) in St. Peter Port, Guernsey. At the AGM, PSH shareholders passed resolutions to receive the annual report and the financial statements, re-elected the Company’s five directors, re-appointed the Company’s auditor, authorized the Company to buy back shares, and amended a provision of the Articles of Incorporation of the Company to provide directors located in the United Kingdom increased flexibility for participation in meetings of directors.

The specifics of those resolutions can be can be found in the Notice of Annual General Meeting available on the Company’s website,

The results of the proxy voting are noted below:

Resolution   For   Against   Abstain
Ordinary Resolutions
1   23,647,440   0   460,714
2   23,647,440   0   460,714
3   23,647,440   0   460,714
4   23,647,440   0   460,714
5   23,647,440   0   460,714
6   23,647,440   0   460,714
7   23,647,440   0   460,714
8   23,647,440   0   460,714
Special Resolution (authorizing the Company to buy back shares)
9   23,647,440   0   460,714

The Company today also released its regular weekly Net Asset Value (NAV) on its website, The NAV was computed as of the close of business on Tuesday, 26 April 2016.

PSH NAV per share as of close of business on 26 April 2016 was USD17.29.

Weekly net asset value (“NAV”) is calculated as of the close of business on each Tuesday and posted on the following business day. In the event that Tuesday is not a business day, the Company will calculate the close-of-business NAV as of the business day immediately preceding that Tuesday. The end-of-month NAV is calculated as of the close of business on the last day of the month and posted on the following business day. For weeks that include a month-end NAV report, PSH will provide only the month-end NAV and not report the Tuesday NAV. Monthly NAVs are published in accordance with the Decree on Conduct of Business Supervision of Financial Undertakings under the Wft (Besluit Gedragstoezicht financiële ondernemingen Wft).

About Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd.

Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd. (PSH:NA) is an investment holding company structured as a closed end fund that makes concentrated investments principally in North American companies.