Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd. Confirms Second Quarter 2019 Dividend for Shareholders


Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd. (LN:PSH) (LN:PSHD) (NA:PSH) (“PSH”) today confirmed the next quarterly dividend of $0.10 per Public Share, as previously announced, payable as follows:

Record Date

Payment Date

USD Dividend
Per Share

DRIP Enrollment

Currency Election

23 August 2019

20 September 2019


30 August 2019

23 August 2019

A proportionate quarterly dividend will be paid to Management Shares and the Special Voting Share, based on their respective net asset values per share.

Shareholders may automatically reinvest cash dividends into PSH Public Shares through a Dividend Reinvestment Programme (“DRIP”). Details about the DRIP are available at and through shareholders’ brokers.

Dividends will be paid in USD unless a shareholder elects to be paid in GBP. Interested shareholders must elect GBP no later than the Currency Election Deadline. Further details about the currency election, including how to select GBP, are available at Pershing Square Holdings’ website

About Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd.
Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd. (LN:PSH) (LN:PSHD) (NA:PSH) is an investment holding company structured as a closed-ended fund that makes concentrated investments principally in North American companies.